Why all of Your Vehicle Graphics and Magnets Should Have Rounded Corners

Why all of Your Vehicle Graphics and Magnets Should Have Rounded Corners

We’ve made a lot of magnetic signs over the years, and we’ve learned that rounding the edges of these automobile signs increases their life and provides them a cleaner aesthetic on the vehicle. After a few years of scraping square corners off your vehicle, they will begin to dog-ear. This is an unavoidable consequence of acquiring magnetic signs, as they must be removed and cleaned on a regular basis to keep their sharp-looking appearance. You also have to regularly remove any debris that has accumulated behind the magnet as well, as this could damage its appearance.

We’ve noticed that lightly curving the edges of our magnetized signs reduces the dog-ear effect that plagues these square-cut magnetic decals over time. As a result, in order to prolong the longevity of their magnetic signage, we strongly advise clients to choose the rounded corner option. Rounding the corners on your magnetic sign order is a simple operation that costs pennies on the dollar, so it’s definitely worth the extra money. If you’re investing in your business, you want to make sure you’re receiving the best quality for your dollar. Making sure you have rounded graphics and magnets is the way to do so.

When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of magnetic signage with rounded corners, there’s no denying that they look more professional than magnetic signage that has squared corners. Square cut corners tend to look harsh and, as previously stated, will inevitably dog-ear. Rounded corners, on the other hand, appear to integrate better with all car makes and models. Magnetic signs that have dog ears appear archaic, detracting from the overall design of your magnetic signs.

When the corners of the car are weakened, air might seep underneath the magnetic sign, causing it to fly off. This is an unfortunate situation that not only wastes your money, but also damages the environment. Rounded corner graphics and magnets are more secure and offer longevity to your business investment. 

When it comes to vehicle graphics and magnets, rounded corners are the way to go. Not only does having rounded corners prolong their life, it greatly improves their appearance, as well. At Pelican Promos, we strongly recommend making all your vehicle graphics and magnets have rounded corners. Not only do they look better, but it saves you money, too! All around, it’s a win-win situation.

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