Why Choose Pelican Promos For Your Promotional Products

Why Choose Pelican Promos For Your Promotional Products

Much can be said about what a good promo company can do for your business. They can represent you in a massive amount of ways, whether that be by engaging with new networking opportunities or finding fun ways to educate the public about your product or business structure. So what are your deciding factors when trusting some random organization to put your precious, hard-earned logo on promo items?

At Pelican Promos, we are proud to know you chose us for our trusted reputation, our reliability to deliver above and beyond expectations and our detail-oriented talents. We can attribute our reputability to our founding philosophy: Pelican Promos wants to know about you and make you feel like you are the only client we cherish. This next-level, relationship-based mentality will give you peace of mind as you trust us to achieve your visions. Ultimately, we are not happy until you are and your success is our success!

Since we are a sister company to Southern View Media, a highly reputable and successful digital marketing and advertising agency, we have a multi-faceted team of some of the best web developers, logo designers and copywriters on the Gulf Coast. So with each project or request we receive, we have a crew of creative minds working cohesively behind us taking just as much pride in their work as you do in yours. Our niche for out-of-the-box thinking helps us take your vision beyond what you ever imagined as well. Southern View Media and Pelican Promotions are both heavily involved in surrounding community events and foundations, so we really know how to represent ourselves and your brands the right way! 

A great deal of our accomplishments in our consistency and efficiency is credited to the amazing leadership Pelican Promos has. Kayla Murray, Director of Promotional Products, has paved new ways for the way promotional companies do business with their clients. When asked what her driving force was that motivated her ideology, she was elated to say:

“Our company values include community involvement and our founding purpose is to help small businesses grow and thrive in this huge sea of competition by being the silent ninjas to get them noticed and in turn, be able to provide for their families. Our clients become our friends who we cheer on and want to succeed, because their success, naturally, is our success and making that difference is lifesaving. My goal is not to sell stuff, my goal is to have people who want to work with me and my team because we are loyal, we are caring and we want to stand behind your brand and be as proud of it as you are. We are your business cheerleaders! We make what you have pretty, engaging, fun products and we strive to make people WANT to do business with you!”

In a world of getting it now and getting it fast, it is comforting to know there are businesses out there that care just as much as you do about your own and show it. You will always feel welcome, heard, understood and at peace when you choose Pelican Promotions to handle your promotional and everyday business needs. Walk-in or schedule an appointment with us today at kayla@pelicanpromosllc.com or at (251)-348-8767.