Why You Should Use Mesh on a Large Outdoor Banner

Why You Should Use Mesh on a Large Outdoor Banner

Choosing a promotional product like a large outdoor banner for your business isn’t just a way to attract customers, it is also a way to professionally represent your business. Of course, you want your business to be represented in the brightest light, which is why you should invest in high-quality promotional products. This is why at Pelican Promos, we recommend using mesh on a large outdoor banner. 

You may be wondering, “Do I really need to use mesh on a large outdoor banner? What are the benefits?”. Let’s walk through the advantages of using mesh on a large outdoor banner.

What Are Outdoor Mesh Banners?

Mesh banners are banners that are made specifically for outdoor use. They are made out of woven fabric that contains small holes to allow air to breathe through. Because they are breathable, they are less likely to tear than vinyl banners. You can have multiple colored designs printed on mesh banners, allowing you many options to represent your business. You can incorporate all the design elements that you need and customize your banner with your choice of images, text and graphics. Mesh banners allow you to represent your business without compromising design or durability. 

Why Not Use Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl banners have to have wind slits cut into them to be used outdoors. Additionally, vinyl banners are susceptible to tearing, which means they will last for a shorter amount of time than mesh banners. At Pelican Promos, we want your business to have long-lasting, quality promotional products that make your investment worthwhile. With mesh banners, you won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your banner. You can have both functionality and longevity!

What Are the Benefits of Using Outdoor Mesh Banners? 

As previously mentioned, mesh banners are incredibly durable as they are less prone to tearing than vinyl banners. They feature an airflow-friendly material that allows them to thrive outdoors. They also are lighter than vinyl banners, which means they are easier for you to transport. If you’re considering investing in an outdoor banner for your business, then mesh is the way to go. 

Where Can Outdoor Mesh Banners Be Used?

Outdoor mesh banners can be used in a wide variety of outdoor settings. You can place them on fences, scaffolding and on stages during outdoor concerts and other open spaces. Since they incorporate small holes in the design, they can be placed in any area that needs sunlight to be let through. Additionally, as mesh banners hold up extremely well in many outdoor weather conditions, they can be used in any outdoor space imaginable and can be repurposed in a wide variety of settings.

If you need an outdoor banner to promote your business, consider ordering a mesh outdoor banner from Pelican Promos. Not only are they durable, but they also can be used in numerous outdoor settings and help your business be professionally represented. If you’re interested in placing an order for a mesh outdoor banner, or any promotional product your business may need, contact Pelican Promos today. You can walk in or schedule an appointment with us by emailing kayla@pelicanpromosllc.com or by calling (251) 348-8767.